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The Yard

Cantieri Navali Ala Blu


A story which began in the early ’70s, when Luciano Lorenzini & partners started business under the name Onda Blu Costruzioni Nautiche, building the Proteo range of pleasure craft, designed to give excellent performance at sea and intended for sea fishing enthusiasts, while also delivering on-board comfort levels of cruising standard. Over the years the range expanded and the craft grew in size up to the top-of-the-range AB 33. In the early 2000s the name was changed to Cantieri Navali Ala Blu and Andrea Lorenzini took the helm from his father Luciano and headed the Yard firmly towards the future, with new ideas, innovation and continuation of the business’s building tradition.

The building yard is strategically located where the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian Seas meet, facing the Tuscan archipelago: a coast open to the elements, where weather conditions change fast. The experience gained in these waters has been invaluable, with input from a customer base used to putting to sea all year round. This has fed into the design of high-performance hulls, specifically styled for safety and reliability, suitable for navigation even in difficult weather conditions and facing even the most challenging situations.

Experience and passion applied to the production process

The Yard’s craft are the result of precise, painstaking workmanship, where hand-crafted production allows attention to every detail and the most complete customisation: the owner is the point of reference for the final product, and apart from its main structure, every boat built is tailor-made to its user’s needs.

All models in the range are constructed to the highest workmanship standards, with quality paramount at all times. Life at sea in one of our craft is a unique experience, which will add value, every day, to your fishing trips, or to your cruises between Mediterranean harbours.