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Ala Blu Range

Proteo Line

The Proteo line is the core of the Yard’s output. Boats that encapsulate forty years’ building experience: more than 160 of these vessels are in use in Italian waters, and some in France and Croatia. They are constructed to the strictest criteria, from the quality of their structural materials (fibreglass and gelcoat) to engines, finishes and fittings.
Their immediately recognisable design is based on the ever-popular “fast pilot boat” concept, which has become a real icon of the sea. There are many options for customising the superstructures to the individual owner’s needs, making them unique, “made-to-measure” craft.
The way they hold their value over time and their rarity status on the second-hand market reflects their excellence as a purchase and a genuine investment.

Proteo 30


Proteo 28


Proteo 26


Proteo 23


Proteo 23 Pesca

AB Line

The AB line is intended more for the yachting sector. With sleeker, more curvaceous lines, these craft feature more on-board comforts and living-space. There are 2 models, of 30 and 33 feet, lengths which provide owners with a great little yacht which is still below the registration threshold.
The key characteristic is modern but still highly original design which does not blindly conform to the latest fashion trends. As for all the Yard’s craft, there are a wide range of options for customising the interiors, which can be redesigned to the Owner’s requirements.

AB 33


AB 30